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    HOWTOFARM GUIDE will like to invite all regular Agric writers and business experts to write for my outreach blog. I will love to build contents with people of the same passion and vision. So, if you think you have what it take to be my guest poster, then i would appreciate hearing from you.

    Here are the main categories HOWTOFARM GUIDE  Focuses on:



        Term 1. It MUST center on Agriculture or Entrepreneurship,

        Term 2. Post must be at least 400+ words long,

        Term 3  Articles MUST BE ORIGINAL, that is written by you! Because we will be checking ALL submission for breach copyright.

         Term 4. We have right to format the submitted articles to match the rest of BelieveAll

        Term 5. Articles MUST be written in English language.

         Term 6. Any photos included should be your own images and if not please site your source.

        Term 7. Include a brief bio that includes your blog’s name and a link to your blog or
        any social media sites that readers can connect with you.

        Term 8. Blogs by HTFG does NOT offer any monetary compensation for guest posts.

         Term 9. Post that appear only to be promoting a product or you personally will not be published.

        Term 10. When your article(s) is(are) published, help to promote it so that your friends can read it also.

    If you are a Gospel Music minister, you can send your songs and album cover to us, we will review it and if its up to standard, it will be published!


    If you are successful in submitting an article to me, i will give you full credit at the bottom of your post with a bit of information about you, link to your any of Website or Twitter, Facebook.


     I will like you to constantly visit your post if published to help in moderating the comment thereby helping young entrepreneurs through this platform.

    All article should be send to faruqomolabi@gmail.com 


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    HowToFarmGuide is a platform for the practicing and potential farmers, where relevant and useful agricultural information are shared for the benefit of the farming populace. Also , this platform offers marketing services where farmers are allowed to advertise their products to meet potential buyers. It also shares relevant health issues and benefits that can be derived from the consumption of agricultural products.